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Top 8 R&AW Officer who Got Away from India | Strange Military Stories

There were two incidents in R&AW when two of its senior officers were won over by the CIA to get inside information of this a… Read more

India vs China military Power comparison : who will win

Today we’ll be comparing the two largest countries India and China, in the world in terms of population, with India set to be the… Read more

17th Parallel | Vietnam war : Timeline, statistics and facts of war | 17th parallel vietnam in war

Formation of  17th parallel Vietnam demarcation line The seventeenth parallel Line  was established in Vietnam by the Geneva Acco… Read more

Is the United Kingdom a Genuine Nuclear Power? A Look at the British Nuclear Forces' Unique Lack of Independence

Following its first successful nuclear weapons test on October 3, 1952, the United Kingdom became the third country after the Uni… Read more

How to Join USA Army

BECOME AN ENLISTED SOLDIER Enlisted Soldiers are the backbone of the Army. The enlistment process begins your career as an enlist… Read more

Iraq War Causes and Remification, Sanction of USA

When we think about the Iraq invasion in 2003, it is very important to contextualize it and to do so, we need to go back in histo… Read more

Shanghai Cooperation Organization (SCO) and Stratergic Intrest of China | Strange Military Stories

Why Did China Create SCO? From 1996 to 2001, Shanghai Five was used as a tool to resolve issues and demilitarized border.  The d… Read more

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