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India Set to lose Farzad B offshore Gas field in Iran

India has been buying oil from Iran since the Cold Wartime. India's ONGC Videsh Limited (OVL) in 2008 discovered gas in Farza… Read more

Rohingya Issue : History | 786 movement and way forward

Historical Background Since the nineteenth century, people from various parts of India migrated to Myanmar. Over a period of time… Read more

Chahabar Port: why India is out of Iran?

Chabahar port is a part of the regional economic strategy of India. Since the end of the Cold War, Chabahar port  is a component… Read more


COMCASA or CISMOA   CISMOA stands for Communication Interoperability and Security Memorandum of Agreement . this agreement will f… Read more

India - Russia Relations , Defence Diplomacy | Strange Military Stories

Defence Diplomacy of India- Russia The defence diplomacy began between  India and Russia after 1962. The defence relation has pe… Read more

India and Russia relationships :cold War to 1947 , Treaty of Peace and Friendship

India and Russia Relation The foundation of the India-Russia relations was laid during the Cold War era. After the Cold War ended… Read more

India vs Pakistan military comparison 2021 | India vs Pakistan war who will win

India and Pakistan's relationship is a rocky one, to say the least, with both sides feuding against the other ever since Brit… Read more

Dealing With the Taliban: India’s Strategy in Afghanistan | Strange Military Stories

India was supportive of the Northern Alliance to counter the weight of Taliban in Afghanistan, and its engagement has broadened p… Read more

Organisation of Islamic Cooperation and India | Strange Military Stories

Organization of Islamic Cooperation Council of Foreign Minister Summit Since the 1969 Rabat Summit India had been craving to seek… Read more

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