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What is Russia’s MiG Working On? Space Interceptors, Carrier Based Stealth Fighters, MiG-29 Production and More

The Mikoyan Design Bureau was well known during the Cold War for developing all of the Soviet Union’s most prolific fighters and … Read more

Five Best Features of Russia’s Checkmate Stealth Fighter - A Silent Hypersonic Killer at Long Ranges

Russia’s Checkmate lightweight stealth fighter is expected to enter service from 2026 and will be the country’s first single-engi… Read more

Russia’s Old MiG-29 Fighter is Still a Strong Seller: Fulcrum Exports Continue Worldwide

The MiG-29 Fulcrum twin-engine medium-weight aircraft is the oldest Russian fighter class still in production today, with the cla… Read more

For Russia’s New Checkmate Stealth Fighter - Almost Every MiG-29 Operator is a Possible Client

Russia’s new Checkmate stealth fighter unveiled shortly before the MAKS 2021 airshow represents the country’s first truly post-So… Read more

83 Percent of Britain’s Problematic Type 45 Destroyers Out of Action - Only One Ship Operational

Britain’s Type 45 Class destroyer has had a troubled history, with the fleet size cut down from twelve to nine and finally only s… Read more

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