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Britain's Aircraft Carrier Programs Since WW2: How Budget Cuts Devastated the Fleet

The British Royal Navy today fields two sizeable 65,000 ton  Queen Elizabeth Class aircraft carriers , which entered service  in … Read more

Why Algeria Opted Against Fielding Russian Su-35 Fighters

The Algerian Air Force has long been a leading client for high-performance Russian and Soviet combat jets, with the country’s fle… Read more

Pakistan’s New HQ-9P Air Defence System Could Seriously Complicate Indian Air Force Operations

Following multiple reports from 2018 from sources in Pakistan's Ministry of Defence Production that the acquisition Chinese H… Read more

Banning Turkey From F-35s Could Pay Off For U.S.: Ankara Considering F-16 Orders to Keep Production Lines Open

Following its eviction from the F-35 fighter program the future of the Turkish Air Force has long been in question, with the coun… Read more

‘Chinese Avangard’: New Intercontinental Range Hypersonic Glide Vehicle Revolutionises Strike Capabilities

China reportedly carried out its first successful test launch of an intercontinental-range hypersonic glide vehicle in August, wi… Read more

How Capable is the Su-57 as a Strike Fighter? New Precision Munitions Provide Offensive Potential

Russia's Su-57 next generation fighter saw its its first combat deployment in February 2018, when the aircraft were briefly d… Read more

Iran's Ship Hunting Phantoms: Using Chinese Missiles to Turn F-4s Into Maritime Strike Fighters

For over 40 years the F-4 Phantom third-generation fighter has formed the backbone of the Iranian Air Force, with the Vietnam War… Read more

Reports of Chinese S-400s on India’s Borders Deemed ‘Grave Threat’

Amid signs of a stalemate in talks between China and India over their dispute at the Ladakh border area, India's main federal… Read more

U.S. Sources Claim China Could Have Over 150 J-20 Stealth Fighters in Service as Production Expands — Is It Possible?

Since entry into service in March 2017 , when it became the first non-U.S. fifth generation fighter operational anywhere in the w… Read more

K2 Black Panther: How South Korea Developed a World Leading Battle Tank

South Korea has increasingly emerged in the post Cold War years as one of the world's leading producers of NATO-compatible ar… Read more

Dire Warnings For Taipei and Washington After U.S. Troops Reportedly Deployed to Taiwan

Following reports that the U.S. deployed personnel to Taiwan to train local forces, the editorial of the Chinese Global Times sta… Read more

China’s Deployment of New J-16D Electronic Attack Jets Places Taiwanese Air Defences in Crosshairs

After unveiling the J-16D electronic attack jet at the Zhuhai Airshow, China’s People’s Liberation Army has reportedly deployed … Read more

Russian Space Chief Warns Elon Musk’s Starlink Satellite Network Could Hijack Cruise Missiles

Director of the Russian space agency Roscosmos, Dmitry Rogozin, has warned that the Starlink space program being pursued by Elon … Read more

Russia's Su-57 Fighter is Only as Dangerous as its Best Missile: Why the K-77M Will be a Game Changer

The Russian Air Force inducted its first Su-57 next generation fighter into service in December 2020 , and is expected to field 7… Read more

Russia Deploys Combat Robots and Belarusian Air Defences Tested at Zapad 2021 Drills

The Zapad 2021 joint strategic exercises were the latest of multiple major drills between the militaries of Russia and its only s… Read more

Fakour-90 Missiles For Iran's F-14 Fighters: How They Affect the Balance of Power in the Persian Gulf

During the Iran-Iraq War the most dominant aerial warfare asset and the only one from the new fourth generation of aircraft to be… Read more

How the CIA Worked With a Nazi Scientist to Develop a Cold War Sonic Weapon of Pure Terror

The end of the Second World War saw massive technology transfers from Europe’s two leading military and economic powers, Nazi Ger… Read more

Russia’s Nuclear Submarines Can Now Fire Mach 9 Ship Killer Cruise Missiles From Anywhere in the Ocean

The Russian Navy has carried out the first launch of the Zicron hypersonic anti ship cruise missile from one of its nuclear power… Read more

How Japan’s F-15Js Squadrons Could Benefit From Exercises with India’s Top Fighter the Su-30MKI

The Japanese Air Self Defence Force (JASDF) is set to see its first simulated combat against Flanker heavyweight fighters when Su… Read more

F-22 Raptor vs. F-35 Lightning II: Strengths and Shortcomings of America's Stealth Fighters

The United States was for over a decade the only country in the world to deploy fifth-generation fighter aircraft, with the first… Read more

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