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Growing Numbers of China’s J-16 Fighters to Play Central Role in Taiwan Strait Security

China’s People’s Liberation Army (PLA) Air Force has deployed the J-16 heavyweight fighter in growing numbers in recent years, w… Read more

What is Russia’s MiG Working On? Space Interceptors, Carrier Based Stealth Fighters, MiG-29 Production and More

The Mikoyan Design Bureau was well known during the Cold War for developing all of the Soviet Union’s most prolific fighters and … Read more

Five Best Features of Russia’s Checkmate Stealth Fighter - A Silent Hypersonic Killer at Long Ranges

Russia’s Checkmate lightweight stealth fighter is expected to enter service from 2026 and will be the country’s first single-engi… Read more

Russia’s Old MiG-29 Fighter is Still a Strong Seller: Fulcrum Exports Continue Worldwide

The MiG-29 Fulcrum twin-engine medium-weight aircraft is the oldest Russian fighter class still in production today, with the cla… Read more

For Russia’s New Checkmate Stealth Fighter - Almost Every MiG-29 Operator is a Possible Client

Russia’s new Checkmate stealth fighter unveiled shortly before the MAKS 2021 airshow represents the country’s first truly post-So… Read more

83 Percent of Britain’s Problematic Type 45 Destroyers Out of Action - Only One Ship Operational

Britain’s Type 45 Class destroyer has had a troubled history, with the fleet size cut down from twelve to nine and finally only s… Read more

Cuban Air Force May be Deployed as U.S. Considers Deploying EW Balloons for Information Warfare

Following unrest in Cuba and considerable Western support for anti-government riots and protests, the Cuban government has jammed… Read more

U.S. Air Force Lt. General Warns Congress That Chinese Air Force’s Offensive Capabilities Are Growing Fast

China’s People’s Liberation Army (PLA) Air Force has modernized more quickly than any other large force of its kind over the past… Read more

The New Checkmate Stealth Jet is the Result of a Russia-UAE Joint Fighter Program - Report

The unveiling of the ‘Checkmate’ stealth fighter in the lead-up to the MAKS 2021 international aerospace show, which opened on Ju… Read more

First Look at Russia’s S-500 Missile System: Built to Shoot Down Satellites, Hypersonic Planes and More

The first footage of Russia’s long-awaited S-500 Prometheus air defence system has been released, following a test launch at the … Read more

‘Developed For Vietnam, India and Africa’: New Details on Russia’s ‘Mini Su-57’ Stealth Fighter

Following the unveiling of Russia’s first post-Soviet single-engine fighter, the ‘Checkmate,’ further details regarding the progr… Read more

Network Centric Warfare for Felons: Russia Boasts New Data Link System for Su-57 Fighter

Entering large-scale production from July 2019, and joining the Russian Air Force in December the following year, the Su-57 next-… Read more

Pentagon Criticises Russia’s Test of World’s Fastest ‘Ship Killer’ Cruise Missile Zicron

Russia’s Zircon anti-ship cruise missile officially entered service in 2019 but has continued to undergo testing before widesprea… Read more

Accident Prone French Mirage 2000 Fighter Crashes Over Mali

A French Air Force Mirage 2000 lightweight single-engine fighter crashed over Mali on July 20th due to technical problems, with b… Read more

Russia’s New S-500 Hypersonic Air Defence System Downs Ballistic Missile in Latest Test

Russia’s S-500 long-range air defence system entered production in 2018 and is currently in testing with entry into service expec… Read more

U.S. Deploys One Fifth of Combat Coded F-22 Raptors for Guam Show of Force

In a period of high tensions between Washington and Beijing, the U.S. Air Force announced plans to deploy approximately one-fifth… Read more

American Hypersonic Weapons Development Continues to Lag with Serious Problems - Congressional Research Service Report

A report by the U.S. Congressional Research Service focusing on hypersonic weapons development has highlighted a highly concernin… Read more

Newly Unveiled ‘Russian F-35’: A Look at the First Post-Soviet Single Engine Fighter

Following multiple reports that Russia was set to unveil its second next-generation fighter jet - a lightweight aircraft to compl… Read more

American Calls for Assault on Cuba Grow as Moscow Warns Washington Seeks Regime Change

As Washington continues to shown considerable interest in the ongoing unrest in Cuba, one of America’s oldest state adversaries f… Read more

Cuban Foreign Minister Warns of Possible American Attack

Amid ongoing unrest in Cuba and widespread support voiced across the Western world for anti-government riots and protests, Cuban … Read more

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