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U.S. Army to Begin Guerrilla Warfare Training for Special Forces Takedowns of ‘Illegitimate Governments’

The United States Army is set to begin conducting irregular two-week-long special forces exercises on January 23rd which will pra… Read more

World’s Most Powerful Destroyer Returns to Production: China Reportedly Building More Type 055s

Following its commissioning in March 2021 , the Chinese People’s Liberation Army (PLA) Navy’s second Type 055 Class destroyer the… Read more

How Realistic Are Western Press Reports of a $10 Billion Russian-Iranian Su-35 and S-400 Arms Deal?

From December 2021 a number of Western media outlets began reporting that Iran and Russia were on the verge of signing a $10 bill… Read more

J-20 Begins Flying With Groundbreaking WS-15 Engine: Will China’s Stealth Fighter be the World Leader in Thrust?

The first image is allegedly showing a Chinese J-20 fifth-generation fighter flight testing the long-awaited WS-15 engine have b… Read more

Russia Threatens Opening Bases in Venezuela and Cuba as NATO Considers Ukraine’s Entry

Amid high tensions between Russia and NATO over multiple issues, chief among the possibility of Ukraine’s absorption into the wes… Read more

Russia’s First Post-Soviet Tu-160 Bomber Flies: Why Resurrect a 41 Year Old Combat Jet?

On January 12th the first Russian Tu-160M2 intercontinental range strategic bomber made its first flight at the Kazan Aviation Pl… Read more

Does North Korea Now Have the World’s Fastest Tactical Missile? Hwasong-8 Neck to Neck With Russian Kinzhal For Top Speed

First tested in September 2021, North Korea's Hwasong-8 tactical ballistic missile is set to provide the country with its fi… Read more

Speeding a New Glide Vehicle Into Service: North Korea Conducts Second Hypersonic Missile Test in a Week

North Korea has announced that a ballistic missile test on January 11th was of a hypersonic glide vehicle, making it the second s… Read more

Taiwan Loses Two Month Old F-16V Fighter in Latest of Multiple Crashes: All F-16s Grounded Again

In the latest of a series of accidents involving its fighter fleet, Taiwan’s air force (officially the Republic of China Air Forc… Read more

Is THAAD Suitable For India? Can America's Air Defence System Replace the Russian S-400 to Secure Indian Airspace?

As part of a broader policy of targeting Russian arms exports and security ties across the world, the United States' efforts … Read more

Kazakhstan and Russia Warn of Hybrid Warfare, ‘Colour Revolution’ and Foreign Agents Behind Riots

On January 9th Kazakhstan’s acting Internal Affairs minister Yerlan Turgumbayev reported highly organised, skilled and discipline… Read more

Why Do Norway’s F-35s Cost 34 Percent More Than Finland’s? Explanations for the Controversy

On January 6th it was announced that Norway became the world’s first country to field a fighter fleet comprised entirely of fifth… Read more

Norway Now Has the World’s First 100 Percent Fifth Generation Air Force: But at What Cost?

Following the retirement of its last F-16 Fighting Falcon fourth generation fighters, which was announced on January 6th, Norway … Read more

Norway’s Fighter Fleet Now 100 Percent Stealth: Last F-16s Retired as F-35s Take Over Duties

The Royal Norwegian Air Force (RoNAF) has retired its last F-16 Fighting Falcon fourth generation fighters as its new generation … Read more

Russian Armour, Paratroopers and Electronic Warfare Drones Deploy to Kazakhstan as Insurgency Loses Ground

The first Russian forces under a Collective Security Treaty Organisation force have deployed to Kazakhstan, after President Kassy… Read more

Militants with Assault Rifles Fire on Authorities as Radical Riots Grip Kazakhstan

Following the outbreak of major riots in Kazakhstan centred around the second city of Almaty on January 4th, rioters targeted pol… Read more

North Korea Launches Hypersonic Hwasong-8 Missile in Second Test of New Glide Vehicle

North Korea has announced that a ballistic missile test launched on January 5 was its new Hwasong-8 platform, which had first bee… Read more

First JF-17 Block III Serial Production Fighters Unveiled: Pakistan’s New Generation

The first images of the first serial production batch of JF-17 Block III fighter jets indicate that the type could be entering s… Read more

Pakistan’s J-10C vs. India’s Su-30MKI: Which Has the Most Capable Top Fighter?

Confirmation that Pakistan has become the first client for the Chinese J-10C ‘4++ generation’ single engine fighter has raised … Read more

Russia Struggling to Meet Algerian Requirement For AESA Radar on Fighters - Reports

Algeria has for over a decade consistently been the second largest client for Russian arms exports after India, and has by far th… Read more

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