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Chahabar Port: why India is out of Iran?

Chabahar port is a part of the regional economic strategy of India. Since the end of the Cold War, Chabahar port  is a component… Read more

India china border tension explained

The border tensions brewing between India and China is a critical issue that has not been discussed upon much in our TV news chan… Read more

Spotlight on the Gurkha regiments: Beyond the call of duty

Spotlight on the Gurkha regiments:beyond the call of duty The war cry of the Gorkha Regiments is  ‘Jai Maha Kali, Ayo Go… Read more

Hong Kong will no longer autonomous from china

Mike Pompeo says Hong Kong will no longer autonomous from China prepares to impose a new security law in the territory a… Read more

Shimla Convention and McMahon line

After the Anglo-Burma war, when Assam became a part of the British, the British had a lot of conflicts with the tribes because of… Read more

China Standoff : Importance of Pangong Tso Lake and Galwan Valley , China's presence in Ladakh

Why in news: China has erected around 100 tents around Pangong Tso lake and Galwan Valley from 5 may 2020 and brought in heavy eq… Read more

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