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Weapons of the Vietnam War | vietnam war secret weapons

US Infantry Weapons in The Vietnam War The US forces used a range of small arms in the Vietnam War. This was the standard issue r… Read more

Why is there a Civil War in Yemen? Houthis control of North Yemen??

The Civil war in Yemen The civil war in Yemen has been termed the world's worst humanitarian catastrophe. Now ent… Read more

Chinese Civil War 1945-1950 | Causes Result Formation of china

Civil War and China In Hong Kong, the British tried to outmaneuver the Qing dynasty, by legalizing Christianity and also supporte… Read more

Six Day War Alliance, Causes, Aftermath, Countries , win

Six-Day War The Muslim nations in the Middle East would not accept Israel's existence since its founding in 1948.  They began… Read more

Ukraine Crisis Explaination: Timeline (2008-2015) Russia involvement

Introduction Ukraine has never existed independently and its existence has always vacillated between Europe and Russia. In the th… Read more

Iraq War Causes and Remification, Sanction of USA

When we think about the Iraq invasion in 2003, it is very important to contextualize it and to do so, we need to go back in histo… Read more

Yemen Crisis Shia Sunni Conflict | Strange Military Stories

Yemen is an Islamic nation with 65 per cent Sunni and 35 per cent Shia population. It is a fertile territory which al… Read more

German tactics in world war 2

German squad tactics in World War II  Two important points: First, a squad rarely acted alone on the battlefield... It was used i… Read more

cyberwar viceland | Cyber war | what is cyber warefare | cyberspace

What is Cyber warfare?? Actions by a nation-state actor to attack and attempt to damage another nation's computers or critica… Read more

Kautilya's Arthashastra in war | 1948 and 1962 war , Biography of Kautilya

What is  Kautilya's Arthashastra We know how Kautilya's Arthashastra was used by Chandragupta Maurya to defeat Nanda and… Read more

Cuban Missile Crisis

America and Spain fought a war in 1898. Since the war, Cuba had been under American control. At the onset of the Cold War, Americ… Read more

Red Star in China

History of China China was ruled by the Ming dynasty till 1664. In 1644, the tribals from North China, called Manchus, crossed th… Read more

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