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R.N. Kao Founder of R&AW

R ameshwar Nath Kao  RAMESHWAR Nath Kao was born in a Kashmiri Pandit family on May 10, 1918 at Banaras, i.e. Varanasi. One of hi… Read more

Melita Norwood | longest-serving British spy | Melita Norwood Book, Death, Family, Daughter | melita norwood images

longest-serving British spy Melita Norwood, beloved secretary, mother, grandmother, and great-grandmother … who, for forty years,… Read more

Ravindra Kaushik RAW Agent ( Black Tiger) Wife, son, Death reason, | Facts about Ravindra Kaushik | Ravindra Kaushik Movie

Who is Ravindra Kaushik Ravindra Kaushik was the real-life spy known as "Black tiger" (The title “Black Tiger" was… Read more

Eli Cohen Wife, Children | Israeli Spy biography | Last Letter to his wife and Children | Eli Cohen death writing translation | george seif syria

Israeli Spy biography Eli Cohen , an Israeli spy who infiltrated the highest ranks of the Syrian Baath party and did espionage … Read more

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