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Is Russia the World’s Leader in Combat Aviation? President Putin Certainly Thinks So

On August 22nd Russian President Vladimir Putin made the latest of several bold claims regarding the state of Russian military av… Read more

Why NATO Hated Russia’s S-200 - The Cold War’s Longest Range Air Defence System

The S-200 long-range surface to air missile system played a central role in Soviet air defences for most of the Cold War and bega… Read more

China and Russia Demonstrate Unprecedented Interoperability With First Ever Joint Command & Control System in Zapad 2021 Drills

China and Russia demonstrated unprecedented levels of interoperability in the five-day Zapad 2021 military exercises, which concl… Read more

Belarus’ Lukashenko “Sure” New S-400 Air Defences Will Be Acquired: Confirms Tor-M2 Systems Guarding Major Nuclear Facilities

Belarusian President Alexander Lukashenko has reiterated his country’s strong interest in acquiring new units of Russian S-400 su… Read more

Newly Unveiled ‘Russian F-35’: A Look at the First Post-Soviet Single Engine Fighter

Following multiple reports that Russia was set to unveil its second next-generation fighter jet - a lightweight aircraft to compl… Read more

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