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[Pdf] Nuclear Suppliers Group (NSG) | Member List | Guidelines |

Nuclear Suppliers Group (NSG) Establishment NSG was formed in response to India's PNE (1974) in 1975 and was initially called… Read more

INF Treaty and India

In the 1980s, the USSR developed SS-20. It was a missile that could carry three nuclear warheads. The USSR deployed the missile i… Read more

INS Arihant Indian Navy | India as a nuclear Triad | Features | Facts

India commission INS Arihant in 2008, India completed the nuclear triad. A nuclear triad means the capability of a state to launc… Read more

After the Smiling Budha

In 1980, reports were going on that Pakistan acquired nuclear capability. The United Nations General Assembly, launched a Special… Read more

Remembering Smiling Budha 1974 Nuclear Test at Pokharan: Things you need to know | India's nuclear program

India's nuclear program  In 1972, India has established a plutonium reprocessing facility at Trombay that had generated a … Read more

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