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Egypt’s Mirage 2000 Decision: After a Strange One Off Purchase Will the Squadron be Upgraded or Retired?

The Mirage 2000 lightweight single-engine fighter entered service in the French Air Force from 1984, six years after it saw its f… Read more

For Russia’s New Checkmate Stealth Fighter - Almost Every MiG-29 Operator is a Possible Client

Russia’s new Checkmate stealth fighter unveiled shortly before the MAKS 2021 airshow represents the country’s first truly post-So… Read more

The New Checkmate Stealth Jet is the Result of a Russia-UAE Joint Fighter Program - Report

The unveiling of the ‘Checkmate’ stealth fighter in the lead-up to the MAKS 2021 international aerospace show, which opened on Ju… Read more

‘Developed For Vietnam, India and Africa’: New Details on Russia’s ‘Mini Su-57’ Stealth Fighter

Following the unveiling of Russia’s first post-Soviet single-engine fighter, the ‘Checkmate,’ further details regarding the progr… Read more

Accident Prone French Mirage 2000 Fighter Crashes Over Mali

A French Air Force Mirage 2000 lightweight single-engine fighter crashed over Mali on July 20th due to technical problems, with b… Read more

Newly Unveiled ‘Russian F-35’: A Look at the First Post-Soviet Single Engine Fighter

Following multiple reports that Russia was set to unveil its second next-generation fighter jet - a lightweight aircraft to compl… Read more

Why China Has Deployed J-7 Fighters to Test Taiwan’s Defences

Amid rising tensions in the Taiwan Strait, a number of sources have drawn attention to the Chinese People’s Liberation Army’s (PL… Read more

The Indian Air Force Unit Pakistan Hates Most: Why Mirages and F-16s Could Never Shoot Down MiG-25 Foxbats

During the Cold War Pakistan and India repeatedly received high-end combat aircraft from the West and the Soviet Union respective… Read more

Rafale Marks 35 Years Since First Flight: How Successful Has France’s Top Fighter Been?

June 4, 2021, marks 35 years since France’s Rafale fourth-generation lightweight fighter saw its first flight, with the aircraft … Read more

IAF Shows Interests in Procuring SPICE 250 ER with AI

Israel-based Rafael Advanced Defense Systems Ltd, the manufacturer of SPICE Precision guided bombs, had unveiled a new membe… Read more

India vs China military Power comparison : who will win

Today we’ll be comparing the two largest countries India and China, in the world in terms of population, with India set to be the… Read more

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