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India vs Pakistan military comparison 2021 | India vs Pakistan war who will win

India and Pakistan's relationship is a rocky one, to say the least, with both sides feuding against the other ever since Brit… Read more

The Kashmir Dispute | Article 370 | India-Pakistan Relation

India-Pakistan Dispute on Junagadh, Jodhpur, and Kashmir  Kashmir was one of the states under British suzerainty. In 1946, the … Read more

Karachi Agreement 1949 | Azad Kashmir and UN involment

What is the Karachi Agreement When Pakistani tribesmen had invaded Kashmir, the UNCIP was instructed to work jointly with the two… Read more

What is Shimla Agreement 1972 ? Location, Between, terrorism in Kashmir

What is the  Shimla Agreement? Under the Shimla Agreement, Pakistan diplomatically paved way for the recognition of the creation … Read more

India - Pakistan Trade Relations | Where is Both Countries

India Pakistan trade relations despite the obstructive behaviour of Pakistan to allow a trade to materialise, the two sides have … Read more

Ravindra Kaushik RAW Agent ( Black Tiger) Wife, son, Death reason, | Facts about Ravindra Kaushik | Ravindra Kaushik Movie

Who is Ravindra Kaushik Ravindra Kaushik was the real-life spy known as "Black tiger" (The title “Black Tiger" was… Read more

Maj General Ian Cardoso: who chopped his leg with his own khukri

When Ian was packing his bags to go to the NDA, His father said,  you will command men one day. Never show fear. Fear and courage… Read more

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