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Newly Unveiled ‘Russian F-35’: A Look at the First Post-Soviet Single Engine Fighter

Following multiple reports that Russia was set to unveil its second next-generation fighter jet - a lightweight aircraft to compl… Read more

China’s Most Powerful Battle Tank Marks Ten Years in Frontline Service: How Powerful is the Type 99A

The year 2021 marks ten years since the Chinese People’s Liberation Army’s most capable class of the battle tank, the Type 99A, f… Read more

J-16H China’s Next Carrier Based Fighter? World’s Most High Tech Flanker Derivative Could Join New Strike Groups

A number of reports since February have indicated that China may be developing a navalised variant of the J-16 heavyweight fighte… Read more

The killer drones are here. Get ready !!

In the Terminator movies, a relentless super-robot tracked and attempted to kill human targets. A few decades later, killer … Read more

Govt can evaluate splitting P75I submarine contract between two bidders: Mazagon Shipbuilders

L&T likely to be the second partner, if the govt decides to share the project. It takes eight years from the awarding o… Read more

The Indian Air Force Unit Pakistan Hates Most: Why Mirages and F-16s Could Never Shoot Down MiG-25 Foxbats

During the Cold War Pakistan and India repeatedly received high-end combat aircraft from the West and the Soviet Union respective… Read more

Indian Army inducts DRDO-developed 10m Short Span Bridging System

The Indian Army has inducted the first production lot of 12 10m-Short Span Bridging System (SSBS) during a ceremony held at Caria… Read more

Rafale Marks 35 Years Since First Flight: How Successful Has France’s Top Fighter Been?

June 4, 2021, marks 35 years since France’s Rafale fourth-generation lightweight fighter saw its first flight, with the aircraft … Read more

S400 vs F35 Comparison Can the S400 shoot down the F35? | Specifications, Radar Strength

What is S-400 Defense System? S-400 which was previously known as S-300PMU-3 is an anti-aircraft weapon system of Russia that was… Read more

Rafale vs. F-35: Why Switzerland Chose American Stealth Over France’s Top Fighter

On June 30, 2021, the Swiss Air Force announced the result of its tender to acquire a new generation of fighter jets , which saw … Read more

What is Pinaka Missile System, Range, Types | Pinaka Missile upsc

Why in News India’s Defence Research and Development Organisation (DRDO) has tested an extended range version of the Pinaka rock… Read more

A Controversial Ban on Commercial Surrogacy Could Leave Women in India With Even Fewer Choices

It’s nearly noon when Pinky Macwan wakes up and rubs her eyes, shifting uncomfortably. She’s in her second trimester of pr… Read more

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