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Russia Teases Upcoming ‘Mini-Su-57’ Single Engine Stealth Jet with World’s Most Powerful Fighter Engine

On July 13th Russia’s United Aircraft Corporation released a teaser for its upcoming single-engine stealth fighter, with a full p… Read more

Why China Has Deployed J-7 Fighters to Test Taiwan’s Defences

Amid rising tensions in the Taiwan Strait, a number of sources have drawn attention to the Chinese People’s Liberation Army’s (PL… Read more

China’s Most Powerful Battle Tank Marks Ten Years in Frontline Service: How Powerful is the Type 99A

The year 2021 marks ten years since the Chinese People’s Liberation Army’s most capable class of the battle tank, the Type 99A, f… Read more

J-16H China’s Next Carrier Based Fighter? World’s Most High Tech Flanker Derivative Could Join New Strike Groups

A number of reports since February have indicated that China may be developing a navalised variant of the J-16 heavyweight fighte… Read more

The killer drones are here. Get ready !!

In the Terminator movies, a relentless super-robot tracked and attempted to kill human targets. A few decades later, killer … Read more

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