New Communications Suite to Boost Su-57’s Network Centric Warfare Capabilities

Russia’s Su-57 next generation fighter is set to receive a new communications suite, according to an announcement by the state tech corporation Rostec’s Ruselectronics Group. The fighter is still fielded in limited numbers in the Russian Air Force, but is the only on in the world of its generation to have seen combat using beyond visual range weapons after participating in campaigns in both Ukraine and Syria. "Prototypes of the upgraded communications system are at the stage of their manufacture and their tests are scheduled for the middle of the fall, in particular, on the Su-57 aircraft," the company announced, with the Polyot Research and Production Enterprise within the Ruselectronics Group responsible for development work. The communications suite is one of a wide range of technologies under development to modernise the Su-57, with others ranging from air to air and hypersonic ballistic missiles to electromagnetic weapons and data links. The aircraft are expected to begin entering service at a rate of 14 per year by 2026, although this is still well under half the rate of production of its closest foreign competitor the Chinese J-20. The Russian Air Force is expected to field 78 Su-57s by the end of 2027, and to have recieved 22 before the end of 2024.  

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