Russian Air Defences Neutralise Four Ukrainian Tochka Ballistic Missiles and 24 Rockets to Guard at Donbas Regions

On June 18 the Russian Defence Ministry announced that the country’s air defences had intercepted four Ukrainian Tochka-U ballistic missiles and 24 Uragan rockets, with the ballistic missiles having been fired at the Stakhanov, Kalinovo and Almaznaya regions of the self proclaimed Donetsk People's Republic which Russian recognised in February. The Uragan multiple launch rocket system had also targeted Donetsk as well as Zolotoye and Popasnoye of the Lugansk People's Republic and Izyum, Russkiye Tishki and Malye Prokhody of the Kharkov Region. This marks the latest of many Ukrainian strikes against its Russian majority eastern regions which have strongly supported the Russian war effort in the country and contributed to its significantly. Ukrainian Tochka missile strikes have also targeted Russian territory itself, with one such strike reported on June 5. Tochka missiles are suspected to have caused higher Russian and allied casualties than any other Ukrainian asset since the war’s outbreak despite its age and its limited 200km range, its most notable victory being the destruction of a Su-30SM fighter on its runway in the conflict’s opening week. Russian ballistic and cruise missile strikes have had a significantly greater impact on the course of the war, however, and continue to be widely seen as providing one of the Russian Military’s primary advantages.

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