Russian Precision Strikes Destroy Major Depots for Western Weapons Newly Delivered to Ukraine's Lviv

Russian precision strikes on Ukraine’s western Lviv region have reportedly destroyed large caches of  European and American armaments less than a week after their arrival, as both armaments and combatants from Western countries have been prioritised as targets. This notably follows reports of S-300 air defence systems delivered to Ukraine from Slovakia similarly being destroyed very quickly after entering the country and reportedly before becoming operational. Video recordings made by Lviv residents showed the partial detonation of ammunition following the strikes, with the weapons stored reportedly including suicide drones, anti-tank missiles and man portable anti-aircraft missile systems among others. The Russian Defence Ministry subsequently confirmed the attacks, stating: “On April 18, high-precision air-launched missiles of the Russian Aerospace Forces in the Lviv region struck at the 124th Joint Logistics Support Centre of the Logistics Forces Command of the Ukrainian Troops. The logistics centre and the large consignments of foreign weapons that were delivered to Ukraine from the United States and European countries over the past 6 days were destroyed.” Western countries have notably accelerated up efforts to arm Ukraine, providing both new domestically produced armaments as well as Soviet designed armaments widely used by former Warsaw Pact members in Eastern Europe. 

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