Israeli PM Advises Ukrainian Government to ‘Surrender’ Amid Russian Gains - Reports

Amid continued Russian advances in Ukraine, Israeli Prime Minister Naftali Bennett reportedly advised the government in Kiev to accept Moscow’s terms for concluding the conflict. T

his was equated by many in the Ukrainian government, as well as by some Israeli media outlets, as calling for a Ukrainian surrender, and may reflect the consensus view of Israeli intelligence regarding the chances Kiev has of strengthening its position in the coming period as its military position increasingly appears to falter. 

The Ukrainian government has itself shown growing signs of desperation, and strongly criticised NATO member states for not intervening directly on its behalf in particular to wage an air campaign in Ukrainian airspace.

One senior Ukrainian official claimed that Israel was “using the mediation as an excuse to justify the fact that Israel is avoiding transferring military aid to Ukraine or joining the sanctions slapped on Russia,” while analysts have speculated that Tel Aviv has a strong interest in ending the conflict for economic reasons and gave Ukraine a realistic analysis of its prospects for prevailing which Ukrainian officials were far from pleased to hear. 

Israel’s ability to act more independently than other countries in the Western sphere of influence, particularly in its relations with China and Russia the latter which it has particularly strong ties with due largely to its sizeable Russian ethnic minority, has allowed it to serve as a bridge between Moscow and Kiev which lack formal diplomatic relations. 

Tel Aviv has nevertheless come under considerable Western pressure to take a hard line against the Russian position, much as it came under sustained pressure to downgrade ties with China and limit economic cooperation in the preceding three years. 

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