Chinese H-6 Bombers Fly on Indian Border in New Anniversary Video

China’s People’s Liberation Army (PLA) Air Force has deployed at least one H-6 bomber to fly along the mountainous Indian border, with footage of the flight broadcast on state media outlet CCTV. This comes after H-6s were reported in September 2020 to have been redeployed to bases near the border under the PLA’s Western Theatre Command. The footage was released to mark the PLA Air Force’s 72nd anniversary, with the aircraft seen armed with short range YJ-63 missiles. It is the bomber’s much longer ranged CJ-20 cruise missile, however,  that is able to engage targets very deep into Indian territory and capitalise on the country’s lack of modern long range air defences. The H-6 is one of several new assets deployed near India since mid-2020 in response to growing tensions in the Ladakh region, after seemingly accidental clashes in June 2020 saw Indian forces take over 150 casualties. Both countries have since gone to considerable lengths to improve relations and lower tensions. The H-6 has no equivalent in Indian service, and only the U.S. and Russia deploy combat aircraft from similar or greater weight ranges. The aircraft is fielded in larger numbers than any other bomber in the world with over 270 currently in service in both the Air Force and Navy. 

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