Russia Has Armed Satellites Deployed to Attack American Assets — U.S. Space Force Commander Claims

U.S. Space Force Commander General John Raymond claimed on September 21st that Russia had deployed 'nesting doll' satellites in low earth orbit equipped to destroy U.S. satellites in the event of a war. According to Raymond, this threatened U.S. communications, command and control and precision targeting capabilities which all relied heavily on the military's satellite network. 

He stated to this effect when addressing the Air Force Association Air Space Cyber Conference at National Harbor: "Russia has a nesting doll satellite [in orbit] to destroy US satellites, armed with a weapon to destroy U.S. satellites. 

It denies our ability to leverage space as a force multiplier." The term ‘nesting doll' referred to a satellite with an outer casing which opened to reveal an inner shell, which in turn also opened to reveal a weapon that could fire at and destroy U.S. satellites in orbit. 

Evidence for such claims has yet to be provided, but whether true or not it could provide a pretext for escalation by the U.S. including escalated deployments of its own weaponry in space - for which Russia may well not be the primary target. 

Beyond these claims, Russia has indeed invested heavily in anti satellite warfare including arming its MiG-31 aircraft which can fly in near space with anti satellite missiles. 

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