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Israeli corporation Rafael Advanced Defense Systems has unveiled a new precision missile. Called “Sea Breaker”.

The missile is a naval and artillery unit “force multiplier, designed to overcome the challenges of the modern warfare arena,” Rafael said in a statement. 

It can be used for various purposes including-to-sea, including sea-land, land-sea, or land-land missions against high-value targets. The missile is touted to be 5th generation weapon and has features that enable it to work in environments where other missiles could fail. Viewers may note that Rafael Advanced DefenseSystems is considered one of Israel’s premier military corporations and is responsible for developing some of the world's leading weapons systems, including the Iron Dome air defense system and the precision-guided Spike missile

The Sea Breaker missile system

Sea Breaker Specification

Sea Breaker


Fifth-Generation Missile.

Sea Breaker Length

4 meters

Sea Breaker Weight

400 Kilogram

Sea Breaker Range

300 km

Sea Breaker Price



113 kg

Why the Israeli “Sea Breaker” missile could be a super effective weapon?

Sea Breaker is a four-meter-long missile that weighs a bit less than 400 kilograms or 881 lbs. It flies at high subsonic speeds towards its target. Sea Breaker can hit targets at a distance of up to 300 kilometers or around 186 miles. 

According to the company, the battery architecture supports standalone launchers or operates as an integrated solution with a command and control unit (CCU) and various sensors. 

Israeli corporation Rafael Advanced Defense Systems

The missile can be launched from naval platforms of varying sizes from fast attack missile ships to corvettes and frigates. Based on Rafael’s SPYDER launchers, the Sea Breaker can also be fired from vehicles such as Humvees, making it flexible and mobile. Unlike some other missiles designed by the corporation, it is not meant to be launched from submarines or aircraft. 

Senior Rafael official told reporters “It’ssmart and to the point” It was added that the Sea Breaker brings all the capabilities of the Israeli company into one precision strike fifth-generation missile. According to senior Rafael officials, the company took the capabilities of both the SPIKE NLOS and SPICE missiles and combined them to make the Sea Breaker. It has infrared homing and automatic target recognition capabilities, it can be launched both during the day or night and in all weather conditions

The missile has an advanced IIR (Imaging Infra-Red)seeker with which it can engage both maritime and land targets in advanced anti-access or area denial arenas. It can hit targets in littoral or brown water, including archipelagos, and also strike targets where previous “generation RF-seeker-based missiles are not effective,” Rafael said. 

The Sea Breaker can maneuver and dodge obstacles while it flies at terrain-following low-level flight above the ground or sea-skimming. This makes the missile very hard to detect with air defense radar. With data sharing and man-in-the-loop systems, the operator can see exactly when the missile hits its target, even when launched from a stand-alone range. 

Sea Breaker carries a sophisticated warhead. In a statement, Rafael said: “Flying at high subsonic speeds, Sea Breaker has a multi-directional, synchronized full sphere attack capability, based on predefined attack plans, according to waypoints, azimuth, impact angle, and Aimpoint selection, ensuring a high probability of mission success, with a 250lb (113 kg)penetration, blast, and fragmentation warhead, making a single hit effective enough to neutralize frigate-sized ship.” The precision strike missile can be operated in GPS-denied areas. 

The Sea Breaker can fulfill operational missions without GPS as it has state-of-the-art electro-optical seekers with unique scene-matching algorithms, navigation guidance, and homing techniques. 

As per reports, the missiles use artificial intelligence and other advanced technologies like deep learning and big data-based scene matching to automatically acquire and track targets. The missile allows the operator to make decisions and tactical updates. 

The Sea Breaker also has a mid-flight abort capability and battle damage assessment for operators. Sea Breaker is immune to electronic countermeasures(ECM) and is jam-resilient. “It’s mission effective,” said the official, adding that it can strike targets “when you want, how you want, and from where you want.” Rafael CEO General Yoav Har-Even stated, "The performance trials together with a broad range of Rafael's technological capabilities allow us to today present the Sea Breaker missile with advanced multi-service use, which provides a solution to diverse long-range threats in a complicated and crowded arena. 

The missile has an innovative aerodynamic architecture that makes it light and compact, meaning it can be installed on small naval platforms such as missile boats, while significantly enhancing their capabilities." The head of Rafael’s Land and Naval Systems Division, Ran Gozali, said in a statement. “All of these capabilities put together to enable the missile system to deal with emerging threats and challenges in the next generation battlefield,” According to Rafael, Sea Breaker was developed to address an operational gap in maritime dominance and deep land strike systems through a single platform. 

On paper, Sea Breaker seems to be well designed to fulfill this. Importantly, Israeli weapons do perform well in real battle scenarios unlike the weapons of many other countries which have been found to be wanting. Prima Facie there is no reason to doubt the capabilities of the missile through a real-world use case will certainly add to confidence. 

Enemies of Israel have a lot to worry about when it comes to Sea Breaker. 

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