Network Centric Warfare for Felons: Russia Boasts New Data Link System for Su-57 Fighter

Entering large-scale production from July 2019, and joining the Russian Air Force in December the following year, the Su-57 next-generation fighter has received a number of new features as the design continues to be improved and next-generation technologies continue to be developed. 

Technologies currently under development include more advanced artificial intelligence co-pilots, hypersonic ballistic missiles, laser and EMP weapons, and next-generation engines among several others. A new feature for the aircraft unveiled at the  MAKS 2021 international aerospace show on July 20 was the S-111 communications system, which was presented by Russia’s state tech company the Ruselectronics Group. 

“The equipment provides radiotelephone communications and an exchange of the plane’s data with other aircraft of various designation as well as with ground, aerial and naval command and control posts. The equipment incorporates the state-of-the-art technology of high-speed data transmission and features advanced network solutions," the company stated regarding the S-111. 

Russia has long been seen to lag behind the United States, China, and even some European countries in terms of network-centric warfare capabilities. While the Soviet Union was a world leader in the field with advanced data sharing systems installed on weapons systems such as the MiG-31 interceptor and P-700 cruise missile, the collapse of the post-Soviet Russian economy and sharp contraction of the defense sector seriously undermined progress in the field.

 Data links allow fighters to use information not picked up by their own sensors - whether from other fighters, satellites, airborne early warning aircraft, or ground or ship-based sensors. Advanced data links can provide targeting data and even allow fighters to engage targets out of range of their own sensors, and also reduce vulnerability should a fighter’s own sensors be jammed.

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