Hong Kong Police Continue to Thwart Terrorist Attacks Affiliated with Pro Democracy Movement

Following a series of major riots in Hong Kong in 2019, during the territory entered a period of instability that saw perceived supporters of the Chinese mainland and their property targeted with extreme violence, local police have continued to thwart attempted terror attacks associated with the pro-Western pro-democracy movement. 

The most recent of these cases saw police arrest nine people including six secondary school students for making powerful explosives, which they reportedly planned to deploy at the Cross-Harbour Tunnel, MTR, and other railway stations, and the city’s courts. Other bombs were intended to be placed in rubbish bins near major roads. 

These attacks were intended to target the civilian population of Hong Kong indiscriminately, which was common for attacks associated with the pro-democracy movement since 2019. 

Police seized triacetone triperoxide (TATP) from the suspects - the same explosive used by Islamist terrorists in the 2005 London bombings which had caused over 800 casualties including 57 deaths.

The Hong Kong pro-democracy group Returning Valiant was reportedly responsible and had major financial backing with HK$600,000 in the bank and HK$80,000 in cash. The youngest terrorism suspect arrested was 15, and the oldest 39. Senior Superintendent Steve Li told a press briefing: “They had a good division of labor among those arrested. Some of them provided money. 

Some are the scientists: the ones who made the TATP in the room,” and that there was also “a surveying team and an action team, which is responsible for laying the bombs." A hostel room, rented for a month, was being set up as a laboratory to manufacture more bombs f the 2019 riots. 

Much like the rioters, the terrorists’ belongings strongly featured both the black flags of the Hong Kong pro-democracy separatist movement, as well as flags of the United States of America. 

The terror attacks foiled by police were only the latest of several similar plots discovered by authorities - all of which were associated with the pro-democracy movement. For example, in January 26, 2019, militants attacked a recently constructed quarantine zone assigned to contain the COVID-19 outbreak with petrol bombs and Molotov cocktails. 

The newly built facilities were completely destroyed, which undermined efforts to contain the virus. On the 27th a further attack on Hong Kong’s health sector was carried out, with a bomb exploding at the Caritas Medical Centre - widely speculated by both local and Western press to have been planted by pro-democracy terror groups. 

The explosion failed to cause any casualties in the hospital, although operations were seriously disrupted for several hours. Broader attacks by pro-Western rioters in 2019 at times also resulted in the deaths or hospitalization of innocents. 

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