Operation Trojan Shield 800 criminals arrested worldwide | What is ANOM App | Who was involved in the Operation

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Recently, under Operation Trojan Shield, the police have arrested more than 800 criminals simultaneously across the world. For this, a trap was laid by the FBI and other agencies.

Operation Trojan Shield 

The FBI (Federal Bureau of Investigation) named the operation Operation Trojan Shield, while the AFP (Australian Federal Police) named it Operation Ironside.

This operation was started jointly by the US intelligence agency FBI and Australia. The mission prevented more than 150 murders, confiscated 40 tons of drugs, and seized 250 weapons and $48 million.

Operation Trojan Shield:

Who was involved in the Operation 

some 16 countries were involved in the operation that was headed by the FBI and Europol along with Dutch and Swedish Police.

Over 18 months, they had  access to more than 27 million messages sent over the ANOM app

As a result of the cooperative efforts, Police were able to make more than 800 arrests ad search 700 locations.

In fact, the FBI cleverly provided devices with a secure messaging app called ANOM to more than 300 criminals in 100 countries around the world. The criminals were assured that their messages could not be read by any third person. But the messages sent through this app could be read by the FBI and other agencies. Thus the FBI kept a watch on these criminals.

What is ANOM App

The FBI and Australian Federation Police designed the ANOM platform to specifically suit the need of organized crime gangs.

What is ANOM App

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