Maxar delivers 3D data products and satellite imagery to Australian DoD

Maxar Technologies has delivered a three-dimensional (3D) data suite to the Australian Department of Defence (DoD).

The delivery is part of multi-million-dollar contracts awarded to the company.

The data suite and high-resolution satellite imagery will help militaries improve situational awareness and support decision-making.

The Australian DoD will use the support for national security missions.

The 3D data products suite includes a 3D Surface Model that provides a ‘high-fidelity, positionally accurate and photorealistic view’ of terrain and surface features, as well as textures.

According to the company, the suite’s ‘Digital Terrain Model’ product is a bare Earth elevation data layer.

This layer is generated with ‘fully automated processing’ and will be delivered at speeds far beyond conventional technologies.

Maxar Global Field Operations executive vice-president Tony Frazier said: “Maxar’s high-resolution 3D data and satellite imagery are integral for high-confidence mapping, planning and operational support, which can help end-users make better decisions and save lives, resources and time.

“Maxar is proud to expand our partnership with the Australian Department of Defence by providing our newest 3D data products.”

With these latest contracts, Australia showcases the ‘increased adoption’ of commercial satellite imagery for critical national defence and intelligence missions.

Since 2018, the Australian DoD has been a Maxar Direct Access Program partner.

The DoD has full access to directly task and download satellite imagery from ‘Maxar’s current constellation in real-time to its ground station’.

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