Indra develops new platform to predict logistical needs of armed forces

Indra has developed a new platform that will help in predictive maintenance of military equipment to improve operational effectiveness.

The intelligent sustainment 4.0 platform is based on the use of blockchain technology, equipment sensing and cloud platforms.

It helps the armed forces gain a better understanding related to the status and availability of each system and platform, and ensure their proper maintenance to prevent larger breakdowns.

The advanced sustainment 4.0 concept is based on the SIGLE logistics management system that is used by the Spanish Army.

According to the company, the new technology will help the armed forces to predict maintenance requirements, as well as determine associated material demand and costs.

Such predictive maintenance is expected to extend the longevity of military equipment and maintain proper logistical flows.

The implementation of the sustainment technology will also lead to the addition of sensors to each system such as vehicles and aircraft.

This will enable the collection of performance data that can be transmitted to the sustainment platform in real-time leveraging hyperconnectivity between systems.

In a statement, Indra said: “Indra’s sustainment 4.0 platform is designed to rely strictly on private cloud infrastructure under the army’s own control to securely store the huge volumes of data it collects and provide a seamless view of the status and needs of each army unit.

“Powerful analytical software and artificial intelligence algorithms process and study them to present commanders with the relevant information they need for decision making.”

The predictive maintenance technologies are expected to streamline deployment and operability in various scenarios including international peacekeeping missions.

Indra is a global technology and consulting company serving transport and defence industry verticals. Earlier this year, Indra secured a contract to develop armoured vehicle training centre for Spanish Army.

In the 2020 financial year, the company generated total revenue of $3.64bn (€3.043bn).

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