How to join NSG (National Security Guard ) after 12th as officer | How to Become a Black Cat Commando

How to Join the National Security Guard or How to Become a Black Cat Commando

NSG is a Deputationist Force, which is why there is no direct recruitment process or entry route.  In order to join the National Security Guards, you first have to join either the Indian Army, Central Armed Police Forces, or State Police.  

All members of the Special Action group of the NSG are selected from the Indian Army.  Meanwhile, the Special Rangers of NSG are selected from either the Indian Army, State Police, Central Armed Police Forces CRPF, ITBP, CISF, SSB, or BSF.  

Join the National Security Guard Through Indian Army

In order to join the Indian Army as a Commission Officer, there are pathways through the NDA, CDS, OTA, and other direct technical entries. To join the Indian Army as a soldier, one can participate in the state-wise rallies conducted. 

How to join NSG (National Security Guard ) after 12th as officer | How to Become a Black Cat Commando

Join the National Security Guard Through Central Armed Police Force

On the other hand, to join the Central Armed Police Force, one can go through CAPF, assistant commander, SSC CPO examination, or CAPF recruitment rallies.  

Once you have joined any of the previously mentioned organizations, you can volunteer to join the NSG.  

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Eligibility Criteria for NSG

Since the NSG is a Deputationist force, every rank has different eligibility criteria.   However, there are some common criteria that need to be kept in mind,  such as your last three years’ record has to be completely punishment-free, and during your entire service, you shouldn’t have faced any major punishment.  

Your medical category needs to be Shape 1 or A category. Your general ACR should be no lower than very good or good. 

Applicants are shortlisted on the basis of these criteria. These shortlisted candidates are then checked on various psychological and physical tests, to see whether the candidate is suitable or not.  

NSG Commando training Manesar Gurgaon
NSG training Center

The selected candidates will be trained for 14 months at Manesar.  The training is quite challenging, because of which the drop-out rate from this is 70-80%. 

The candidates who successfully complete these 14 months of tough training are inducted into the NSG. After induction, all commandos undergo further specialized training. 

Phantom Commando Unit

 NSG also has a Phantom Commando Unit, which is an extremely difficult tag to obtain. Only 1% of NSG commandos are given this tag.  This unit is used for very high-risk situations where there is no room for failure. 

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