What is the profile of raw officer?

Is Indian soldier can join raw?

Department in Research And Analysis Wing (RAW)

1. Field Officer jobs: 

This department's people are the ones who will spy on various countries to save India from threats. 

2. Analyst Level: 

This department deals with analyzing the secret data and all the profiles of agents. 

3. Experts in Various fields: 

Like a Handwriting analyst, Computer hacker, or any other expert in a field that contributes to RAW.

Duties of RAW?

In simple words, RAW is keeping its eyes on other countries' developments in every field which is related to India, since 1968. Research Officers or Agents are posted in every sensational part of the world to perform their duties to the nation.

If you are thinking to work as a secret agent in RAW then think twice; You have a great opportunity to do something for your nation but without any public credit. If you do not believe in fame then here is everything for you.

1. Recruitment of Director in RAW

Most of the directors are from Indian Police Services ( IPS ); and other first grade services. A candidate who is already working as a Grade 1 officer in government departments such as armed forces, intelligence agencies, etc.; maybe deputed as a RAW officer. RAW Allied Service ( RAS ) exam is specially made to absorb talent. Sanjeev Tripathi is the current Director of RAW from the RAS cadre. There are some other posts in the same cadre such as Additional Director, Joint director, special director, etc.

2. Field officer jobs

These are the real heroes of RAW, A field officer is one who works in real situations. These officers are also carried out by intelligence agencies, police services, military services, etc.

Various Posts under this category are the following:-
  • Senior Field Officer ( Similarly a FO needs to serve for at least 5 years to be promoted as an SFO )
  • Field Officer ( You will need at least 8 years service as DFO to be promoted as FO )
  • Deputy Field Officer
  • Assistant Field Officer

3. Analyst Level

Generally, they are posted on a desk job, An analyst plays a great role in the organization.

Various Posts under this category are the following:-
  • Central Intelligence Officer
  • Assistant Central Intelligence Officer – ( IB have recently invited application for this post )
  • Junior Intelligence Officer

4. Experts in Various Field

RAW is having a panel of experts in various fields; Whether you are a handwriting expert, a supercomputer hacker, or any other special one, RAW had a lot of opportunities for you.

You have to join any other agency and prove yourself, then you have a chance to enter this intelligence agency.

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