How powerful is Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps (IRGC)?? surgical strike on Pakistan

Why in News

Iran conducts a surgical strike in Pakistan and frees border guards held by Baloch terrorists. now Iran becomes the third country to do deep surgical strikes in Pakistan.

what is the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps?

Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps are also known as Pasdaran, is a branch of Iranian armed forces. It was founded after the Iranian Revolution on 22 April 1979.


28 February 1979


Tehran, Iran

Chief Commander 

Maj. Gen. Hossein Salami



Prepare against them whatever

you are able of power


  1. Joint Staff 
  2. Ground Forces 
  3. Basij 
  4. Quds Force
  5.  Aerospace Force
  6.  Navy


How powerful is Iran's revolutionary guard

The Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps (IRGC) had at least 300,000 military personnel including ground, aerospace, and naval forces. Its naval forces are now the primary forces tasked with operational control of the Persian Gulf. It also controls the paramilitary Basij militia which has about 100,000 active personnel.

Quds force

Islamic revolutionary guard corps engagements

irgc website

irgc commander

Islamic revolutionary guard corps subsidiaries

Islamic republic of Iran army

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