How to join Research And Analysis Wing (RAW) india after 12th or Graduation ? |Eligibility | Post | Rank | Salary

Recruitment of Research And Analysis Wing (RAW)  Recruitment

Nobody can join RAW directly, there is nothing like selections for this service. They select candidates from other departments such as Armed Forces, Intelligence Agencies, Police Services, Administrative Services and the majority of the personnel are from the Intelligence Bureau. 

Raw is not only about spying on other countries; there are many job departments in the RAW. Such as the Recruitment department: This department deals with the selection of candidates of RAW from departments like Indian police services and other first-grade services like Armed forces and the intelligence bureau

How to join Research And Analysis Wing (RAW) india after 12th or Graduation ? |Eligibility | Post | Rank | Salary

Department in Research And Analysis Wing (RAW)

1. Field Officer jobs: 

This department's people are the ones who will spy on various countries to save India from threats. 

2. Analyst Level: 

This department deals with analyzing the secret data and all the profiles of agents. 

3. Experts in Various fields: 

Like a Handwriting analyst, Computer hacker, or any other expert in a field that contributes to RAW.

Duties of RAW?

In simple words, RAW is keeping its eyes on other countries' developments in every field which is related to India, since 1968. Research Officers or Agents are posted in every sensational part of the world to perform their duties to the nation.

If you are thinking to work as a secret agent in RAW then think twice; You have a great opportunity to do something for your nation but without any public credit. If you do not believe in fame then here is everything for you.

How to Join RAW after 12

1. Recruitment of Director in RAW

Most of the directors are from Indian Police Services ( IPS ); and other first-grade services. A candidate who is already working as a Grade 1 officer in government departments such as armed forces, intelligence agencies, etc.; may be deputed as a RAW officer. 

RAW Allied Service ( RAS ) exam is specially made to absorb talent. Sanjeev Tripathi is the current Director of RAW from the RAS cadre. There are some other posts in the same cadre such as Additional Director, Joint director, special director, etc.

2. Field officer jobs

These are the real heroes of RAW, A field officer is one who works in real situations. These officers are also carried out by intelligence agencies, police services, military services, etc.

Various Posts under this category are the following:-
  • Senior Field Officer ( Similarly a FO needs to serve for at least 5 years to be promoted as an SFO )
  • Field Officer ( You will need at least 8 years service as DFO to be promoted as FO )
  • Deputy Field Officer
  • Assistant Field Officer

3. Analyst Level

Generally, they are posted on a desk job, An analyst plays a great role in the organization.

Various Posts under this category are the following:-
  • Central Intelligence Officer
  • Assistant Central Intelligence Officer – ( IB have recently invited application for this post )
  • Junior Intelligence Officer

4. Experts in Various Field

RAW is having a panel of experts in various fields; Whether you are a handwriting expert, a supercomputer hacker, or any other special one, RAW had a lot of opportunities for you.

You have to join any other agency and prove yourself, then you have a chance to enter this intelligence agency.

RAW Agent Training and Selection

RAW agents are trained for all the situations in the academy. If they are assigned as a spy to any other countries then their complete Id in India will be destroyed. And at the same time, new profiles will be created on them in the respected countries, they are going as a spy. They have to live there with this new id and should serve India as a normal citizen of that country. There won’t be any support from the Indian government to them in those countries. 

So they live every second counting. If the other country officers find out about the spy work then the agent will be tortured to the maximum extent in their countries and finally, the death sentence will be given. This service will not give any name and fame to agents, unlike military and police services. 

If anyone gets popular with their service then we can assume either he is retired or sacrificed his life to India. This job is not permanent, according to a few sources their salary will be around 80 thousand to 1.5 lakhs per month. 

Mysterious facts about Indian RAW Agents

The spies who are real heroes we have seen in movies about the Raw agents and the secret agents for country's protection they stay in other countries and live in some harmful and dangerous places if have seen the movie of Krishna's Goodaand some spie movies in Hindi you will have the idea of spies the stunts performed by the heroes in the movie as a spy attracts the audience expect the higher officials nobody about those spies no one can identify them, these spies perform their duty for every country, every country has spies. 

ordinary man can't know the details or information of those spies. they are trained as such Intelligence sector only appoints the persons who are very brave and have an expert in handling all the situations. even there are spies in our olden epics also like Ramayanam, Mahabharatam. 

There are many Indian Army spies who worked in the British army during the independence war even now there are Indian spies who are working in foreign countries. no one knows who are they and they are named as Raw agents. these Raw agents work under the Research And Analysis Wing. now we will know about the Indian raw agents who worked in Foreign countries.

1. Ajit Doval

Ajit Dovel presently is the current National Security Adviser of India only some of us know he is a spy. some of us know that only after his retirement.  he is an IPS officer but no will change as a spy but he changes as field agents and as a  spy performed his duties in Pakistan for 7 years. he lived in Kashmir for some years and he talked to the commanders and stopped the rally of them and made them surrender to Army. some days he turned into a Muslim and stayed in Lahore in Pakistan and stopped the attempts of Pakistan in India. 

Ajit Doval was deputed to this region when insurgency erupted in Mizoram and became a friend to the chief in some situations. he only follows Doval's ideas six out of 7 of his top commanders were Doval’s friends and made them surrender to Army. Ajit Doval is the most famous spy and a protective agent. so the government honored him as National Security Adviser of India, after his retirement. Recently surgical strikes against Pakistan are also held on his premises.

Research and analysis wings raw Agent | strange Military Stories
Ajit Dovel

2. Ravindra Kaushik

Ravindra Kaushik is also named Black Tiger and he is a powerful Raw agent. being a raw agent in Pakistan he was caught by the Pakistan army and left his last breath in Pakistan jail. At the age of 23, he joined as an Indian  Intelligence agent and he came in front to go to Pakistan as a spy. 

while others refused it he changes his name to Nabi Ahmed Shakir and learned Urdu and turned into a  Muslim and went to Pakistan.

Ravindra Kaushik did Law course at a university in Pakistan and joined the Pakistan army and changed into Islamic religion. He also married a Pakistani girl and gives the information to the Indian Army from 1979 to 1983. He gave the information to India as a Raw agent every time when Pakistan made the attempt plans on India. he used to send the information to India unfortunately, 

Ravindra Kaushik was caught by the Pakistan army by the mistake of another secret agent. Even his wife doesn't know he is an Indian raw agent. After Ravindra Kaushik was caught, he was kept in jail for 16 years and forced him for Indian secrets. even he didn't say any secrets about India and honored as an Indian Black tiger Up to his death he believed that the Indian government will save him but he died of Tuberculosis.

3. Rabinder Singh

Rabinder Singh is another spy from the Indian army he is a joint secretary in RAW, after joining as a Raw agent. there is a rule that they should not contact their family but Rabinder crossed the rule and used to for America. for her sister by RAW gave a punishment to him. he didn't come back after going on a RAW investigation.

Research and analysis wings raw Agent | strange Military Stories
Rabinder Singh

4. Saraswathy Rajamani

Saraswathy Rajamani joined Subhash Chandra Bose at the age of 16 and asl gave her jewelry to INA. later along with five women she dressed as a man and joined in the British army and send the information to INA she remained as the woman who worked in the British army by Indian INA. 

Research and analysis wings raw Agent | strange Military Stories
Saraswathy Rajamani

5.Kashmir Singh 

This Punjabi man worked as a contract spy agent to RAW. He changed his name and religion and went to Pakistan and settled there and gives the information to India. He was caught by Pakistan intelligence and is kept in jail for 35 years. In that, he was tied up with heavy chains for 17 years in all his jail period. He was kept in a dark room even can't see the sky.

Research and analysis wings raw Agent | strange Military Stories
Kashmir Singh

6. Raazi

Raazi changed her religion and went to Pakistan and joined the Pakistan army and married a Pakistan officer and worked as an Indian spy, because her husband is an officer in Army, she gathered the information and said them to India. Most of her life is spent in Pakistan and at old age. she came to India and settled here. Even her husband and children still don't know, she is a spy.

There is a film directed by her story in B-Town recently starring Alia Bhatt named Raazi her real name is not Raazi. she is a Punjabi woman still now. she doesn't introduce herself and shows her Devotion towards the country just like in movies. There are many real Spies in IAC as Raw agents but many don't there is an agency called Raw and many spies work under it and live in dangerous places.

RAW appoints the spies to save the country from many threats they live along with us in our surroundings but no one knows about them. even there are some spies in Naxalite groups and some federal groups sometimes we listen to the news on them no one knows that some news that is secretly hidden is revealed by them.

Research and analysis wings raw Agent | strange Military Stories

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