Top 10 Sturdy Military Vehicles Ever Made


Fennec named after the Fennec fox this curiously low and wide looking armored reconnaissance vehicle is in service for both the German and Dutch armies. it can be fitted with a variety of weapons from a 12 point 7 millimeters machine gun to Rafael spiked anti-tank missiles. 

2. Volkswagen Schwimmwagen

Top 10 Sturdy Military Vehicles Ever Made

Volkswagen Schwimmwagen's maybe not the most badass machine here but how can you not love something with a name that literally translates to swimming car over 14,000. These things were built between 1942 to 1944 with the type 166 version being crowned the most produced amphibious car ever made it was widely used by German forces. During world war 2. where its operators could rely on a propeller which when lowered was coupled to the rear mounted 1litre engine.

3. Marauder  

A few years ago the South African built Marauder was a popular choice on the original community. thread weighing up to 13,000 kilograms and powered by a six-cylinder diesel engine. it's a rather good place when the going gets explosive. it has double skinned armor to reduce the kinetic energy, that can be passed into the cabin when something outside goes bang. It can take an explosion up to the equivalent of eight kilograms of TNT under the hull and 14 kilograms under the wheels, which was something that Richard Hammond rather successfully demonstrated by trying to blow one up.

4.Caspian Sea Monster 

Caspian Sea monster is a mix of the two it's a ground effect vehicle using a wing that generates a cushion of air for the craft to ride on enabling it to skim over the water it was able to carry far more cargo than a conventional aircraft unburdened by any need to properly take off and gain altitude and significantly faster than a ship capable of hitting 300 miles per hour. thanks to no less than 10 jet engines. however it was too large and unwieldy for its own good and never progressed from its lengthy experimental period it eventually crushed unrecoverable from the ocean depths thanks to its sheer weight. however a smaller version did eventually see service in the Soviet military.

5-HDT Storm SRTV 

HDT Storm SRTV  sort of like a real-life hallo warthog the SRTV search-and-rescue tactical vehicle is designed to be airdrop just outside enemy anti-aircraft range from where it goes behind enemy lines to retrieve crew from shot down aircraft sounds like a jolly stressful job but the SRTV has a few things to help make us para rescue teams jobs easier notablya 430 horsepower engine to propel a relatively modest 1,700 kilograms vehicle plus long travel suspension and chunky tires as suggester matt williams points out it's pretty much a weaponized military trophy truck it can fit aboarda variety of aircraft including the lockheed c-130 hercules boeing c-17Globemaster 3 and the ch-47 chinook 6 cougar 6x6 

6.US Army cougar

one of the biggest enemies faced by the coalition troops in Iraq and Afghanistan is a hidden one improvised explosive devices or IEDs the answer to this threat comes in the form of the Cougar which looks especially monstrous in 6x6 form there are variations of its serving in the British Army including the Wolf hound part of what makes the cougar Wolf hound. so successful against IEDs is its v-shape dhull which deflects the force of the explosion away from the vehicle and successful. it is see the image above of the stricken US Army cougar all occupants survived after a 130 to 200 kilograms i.e the went off underneath it and in fact the soldiers in question were back out serving the next day very few soldiers have been killed by IEDs while riding in these things so that sounds like a job well done.

7.Volvo TP21 

If you're going to convert acivilian vehicle for military use a Volvo is a pretty good starting point isn't it using the PV 800 series taxi as a base Volvo created the TP21 an off-roading military communications vehicle for the Swedish Armed Forces built from 1953 to t8

8.BVS ten or Viking

There's something in explicably cool about twin chassis armored vehicles and the BVS ten or Viking as it's known to UK forces is a rather fine example built by bases ystems Swedish subsidiary hagglunds the Viking consists of a 2.2 meters 5 tonne front car and 2.1 metres 3.5 tonne rear car it'll go through pretty much any terrain you stick in front of it and is fully amphibious.

9 Humvee

It may be dueto retire soon and has already been replaced in some capacities with mr apMine Resistant Ambush Protected vehicles like the Cougarbut it's 31 years of service have made it one of the most iconic militaryvehicles ever built well Arne helped that a little bit over280,000 have been built the vast majority of which were scrapped aftercoming out of service however law changes not so long ago meanyou can now by your very own ex-military Humvee tempting.

10 Willys Jeep Watts 

Willys Jeep Watts more iconic than a Humvee a Willy's MB Jeep that's what as with the schwimmwagen the old Willy's perhaps isn't the most badass looking military vehicle but the vital role it played in the Second World War and the influenceit had on civilian cars post-war means it more than deserves a place here theWillys company produced almost 360,000 with Ford producing a further 277,000 under license ironically the now iconic vertical slat grille design still usedby Jeep today was actually developed by Ford for its gpw version of the MV itused fewer materials and was cheaper to manufacture that the welded Flatironitem used on the original mb's prompting Willy's to adopt the design 

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