Suez Crisis 1965 , India and British


Egypt gained independence from the British in 1922. However, it still faced regular interference in the functioning of the Suez Canal. Subsequently, Nasser decided to build the Aswan dam and asked for British financial support. The British showed reluctance to support Nasser. 

This compelled Nasser to seek American assistance, but the US was not interested in overpowering its own ally and showed reluctance. Nasser, in return, nationalised the canal and restricted its usage for Israel. Israel, the British and the French, during a meeting Sèvres, France, made up a plan to attack Egypt. 

Suez Crisis 1965 , India upsc
Suez Canal

As the Israel-Egypt conflict began, the British went on to take control of the canal, while French tried to separate Israel and Egypt and mediated to resolve the conflict.The US intervened and ordered complete halt of escalation and withdrawal of the British and French troops from the canal. India condemned the Israelis, the British and the French and showed solidarity with Egypt. 

This created a low point in Indo-UK relations, but the relations did not breakdown completely. Since the 1940s, the British have provided India arms and have continued to do so even after the Suez crisis till the 1962 Chinese conflict, when the British granted military supplies to India.

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