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Hell of snow which is the most dangerous battlefield of the World 

Siachen Glacier : Hell of snow

Today I am going to talk about  which Siachen.Siachen is located in Himalayan ranges and it's Air distance is 40-60 km from the K2 In local language Siachen means Land of Roses But rose never grown here before 1984 it was a free land and there was no concept of life because it is very difficult to survive here, almost impossible To reach there you have to take reach Goma by road from Skardu which is at a distance of 185 KM and requires 5 hours of travelling From there onwards road track is not available. Only Pak army can take you to Siachen Glacier from this point.

Let me tell you an important thing before going there you have to give your medical test which is done by Army Traveling from Goma to Skardu is done by helicopter under the supervision of army before reaching at Siachen Glacier you have to stop at a point where army also have to take training this area is kept confidential.

The history of Siachen 

According to 1949 Karachi agreement and 1972 Simla agreement Siachen comes under the boundary of Paksitan.The area of Siachen Glacier is 77 KM and it is 2nd or 3rd world's largest glacier this glacier is about 5,750 metre (19,000 ft) above sea level It falls in the nubra river which flows in India and then it flows in the Indus river in Pakistan and this Glacier is important for one of the biggest irrigation system of the world If we talk about the weather so in summer the average temperature is in between -16°C to -30°C while in winter it reaches to -50°C It is also known by you that at -40°C all matter freezes so you can get an idea that how much difficult is the life there You can live without oxygen even for 3 seconds and special uniform is designed for the soldiers going there no soldiers can live more than 20 days at siachen because you can't take out any of your body part from the uniform that's why after 20 days soldiers are replaced who can live there without having food or drink just for the sake of protection of their country and from those some can come in normal way 2/3 part of siachen is under control of India while 1/3 part is in the control of Pakistan. This battlefield is most dangerous and expensive battlefield because the one day expense of Paksitani Army is 20-25 million while Indian Army have to lose it 180-200 million rupees every year many of the soldiers from both the countries faced death due to natural disasters on this battlefield.

 On 07 april 2012  an Iceberg falls on the Pakistani battalion which was in 1 KM width and has depth of 80 feet at that time there was 195 soldiers in the camp and the camp turns into graveyard in blinking of an eye.

Here are some books written on Siachen Glacier stories

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