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The recent failure of relations between Russia and the US may not yet lead to a new cold war. according to the situation moscow agreed to take the risk to giving Washington a headache, there is a way russia can do this by overcome internal barriers to the export of sophisticated weapons to china. 

Five areas in which Russia help China:

5. Ballistic Missile:

Ballistic missiles for the past 20 years china has been huge advancing in terms of ballistic missile technology part of second artillery Chinese ballistic missiles now represent a sophisticated versatile threat to any potential opponent. However china has a lot to learn from russia in terms of short-range and long-range missiles.

The russian kandari missile has iconic maneuvers that surpass any chinese missile, this offers a major advantage to the place in a wide range of potential conflicts Russian icbms and slbms are far ahead of their chinese rivals. some systems are objection to export for russian security and intellectual property concerns. if china adapts to russian missiles homology the china could exclude russians from the export markets impart. 

Some members in russian armed forces are blocking the possibility of exporting sophisticated short-range missiles to large  make avoid powerful neighbors with serious tragedy.

4. Air Defense systems

In the concentration of china's anti-access system. air defense networks have received less attention much of the literature focuses on the offensive aspects of the defense system, including submarines cruise missiles ,fighter bombers and ballistic missiles. furthermore the integrity of anti-access or area denial systems effect on the impact of china's air defense systems.

If US aircraft and cruise missiles could attack Chinese air bases communications nodes missile launchers and logistics centers the entire mission would collapse before its mission could be completed. China has done a job in air defense system, especially with the hq-9. however the addition of russian technology will slightly increase the strength of china's air defense network.

Recently it appears that russia export the S-400 sam system to china which will help fill pla technical and coverage caps the S 400 hq-9 can track and engagetargets over long distances enabling china to project an air umbrella over taiwan.

3. submarines 

Submarines as compared with other systems, china has jumped forward in the previous 30 years regarding to submarine innovation the people's liberation army, navy presently feels good nuclear assault submarines, diesel electric subs and even ballistic rocket subs. none of these vessels remain considerably behind u.s standards and even behind the latest generation of Russian submarines. Coming to chinese advantages the prccould gain so much from the akula the oscars theura-class submarine. 

while the prc submarines hope to fill extensively similar missions to those led by soviet vessels, exposed in cold war chinese submarines stay a lot noisier than their russian counterparts and china still can't seem to perfect hunter killer submarine that can tangle directly with the most advanced u.s submarines. Russia has closely secured its submarine technology in the past and the production technology of submarines appears to be the most difficult to be master in industrial process.
Russia has not supplied everything to china for manufacturing similar to that of ura class submarines  of technical support will significantly improve the chinese submarines to next generation.

2. Bombers 

The people liberation army air force keeps on working the h6 a subsidiary of the old soviet pu-16 badger plane very similar to the usp-47. various reports suggest that china is considering a new bomber which has at least one potential prototype in the works, russia has considerable experience with china's heavy bombers and still operates many varieties beyond any capacity of the prc air force. these include the tu-95 bear tu-22m backfire and tu-160 blackjack. 

All of these models are older but china represents as advanced that is currently in operation. analysts have periodically raised the possibility to offer tu-22 backfire planes from russia to china yet no deal has happened as expected the opposition seems to have originated from the russian side. They worry about potential knowledge leakage and extreme development of chinese air power. whether russia choose to export pu22ms to china to license their production or essentially give a technical help to china's for new bomber projects. this coordinated effort could deliver a substantially make more deadly pla air force.

1.Jet Engines

Jet engines engine development has been the greatest road blocks in the chinese flight industry. Over the decade chinese jet problems with power and reliability will not only affect j-10 j-11 and j-15 yet in addition, china's new models the j-20 and the j-31. russian engines do not have a reputation for exceptional reliability, but they have performed better than their chinese. counter parts china's interest for buying russian su-35 flankers originates from an interest for looking at and reproducing the engines which would kick off china's own jet engine. industry assisting china's jet engine industry would represent a major hazard for Russia. it would dispense with one of the biggest possible clients for russian engines. this assisting improves china's export position.


Things have changed , since the 1990s. China has also become an effective producer of military technology. It no longer uses everything russia produces and its systems are increasingly competing with russia. In the international market for russia the risk of exports to china has increased but russia is happy with increase the headache for US.  

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