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Organization of Islamic Cooperation Council of Foreign Minister Summit

Since the 1969 Rabat Summit India had been craving to seek participation in the Organisation of Islamic Cooperation (OIC), the collective of the Islamic world. In 1969, an Indian delegation was led by Fakhruddin Ali Ahmed to participate in the Rabat summit, but the Indian delegation was kept out because of the leverage Pakistan enjerved the OIC. 

The invitation to India in 2019 CFM was out of the proximate relations between the Indian PM and Crown Prince of Abu Dhabi From the fact that India and UAE relations have been growing in the recent times as evidenced in the chapter in India and United Arab Emirates Relations), it is clear that the UAE was able to convince Saudi Arabia to allow India to participate in the CFM. At the end of the CEM, the Abu Dhabi Declaration was adopted. 

Organization of islamic cooperation Country members

The declaration did mention about the need for a stable Afghanistan. The most crucial aspect of the declaration was that it did mention Jammu and Kashmir. The declaration mentioned that the OIC supports the struggle of the Kashmiri people and it condemned Indian excesses in Kashmir by asserting that the human right violations tantamount to Indian terror. 

Organisation of Islamic Cooperation
Organisation of Islamic Cooperation members

There has been a huge debate in public discourse in India that when India knew that the OIC would ma a statement that may affect India, why did India accept the invitation? It is important to note that 57 nation strong bloc the OIC is a large bloc that India would not afford to miss. Secondly, by refusin to accept the invitation, India would have allowed Pakistan to use the OIC to continue to breed a India hatred Thirdly, India has brought about a radical shift in the way it wants to counter the Pakistani anti-India and anti-Kashmir propaganda. It wants to use the OIC as a platform in the long run to put up its own narrative on Kashmir. This in the long run involves an Indian attempt to showcase to the oIe the state sponsorship of terrorism by Pakistan in Kashmir India has realised that in the Information Age today, what the OIC says and what it does do not matter but its words do shape perceptions and eventually influence policy. Even though the present participation was not an unalloyed triumph ke India, but has portents for the future.

The success of India's participation in the OIC is a classic case of success of India's West Asia outreach. It is significant to note that India was able to break the mould of Islamabad's tried and tested policy of countering India in the OIC. The OIC states have realised the importance India holds for their strategy to diversify from oil The Arab states are appreciative of India's secular-free market and talent for assimilation More important is the fact that despite India being hume to third largest Muslim population, a fractious minority have fallen to the charm of Islamic radicalisation of ISIS. 

The next step for India is the India-Arab League meet and India-North Africa meets.There have been some fiscal this time too. During her speech Indian Foreign Minister denounced terrorism (and indirect reference to Pakistan). But, the Abu Dhabi Declaration at the end of the meet did not even mention that India was a guest of honour. It also did not make a reference that the Indian Foreign Minister delivered her maiden keynote speech at the plenary session. This is surprising that the Decstatia made mention of unimportant stuff like 2020 Expo to be hosted by the UAE To add salt to the injury, the Declaration made a specific mention of Pakistan's step towards de-escalation by returning the IndP and made no mention of the Pulwama attack. The mention of indian terrorism in Kashmir' for azociter and hunan rights violations' was a big failure on part of India that only diminished its image internationally.

Organisation of Islamic Cooperation Country members 

OIC Member State Countries

  1. Islamic Republic of AFGHANISTAN 
  2. Republic of ALBANIA
  3. People’s Democratic 
  4. Republic of ALGERIA 
  5. Republic of AZERBAIJAN 
  6. Kingdom of BAHRAIN
  7. People’s Republic of BANGLADESH 
  8. Republic of BENIN
  10. Republic of CAMEROON Republic of CHAD
  11. Union of The COMOROS
  12. Republic of COTE D'IVOIRE 
  13. Republic of DJIBOUTI Arab R
  14. Republic of EGYPT Republic of GABON
  15. Republic of The GAMBIA
  16.  Republic of GUINEA
  17. Republic of GUINEA-BISSAU
  18.  Republic of GUYANA
  19.  Republic of INDONESIA Islamic
  20.  Republic of IRAN
  21. Republic of IRAQ
  22. Hashemite Kingdom of JORDAN
  23. Republic of KAZAKHSTAN 
  24. State of KUWAIT
  25. KYRGYZ
  26. Republic Republic of LEBANON 

OIC Observers States

  1. Bosnia and Herzegovina
  2.  Central African
  3.  Republic
  4. Kingdom of Thailand
  5.  The Russian Federation
  6. Turkish Cypriot State

organisation of islamic cooperation twitter Account

organisation of islamic cooperation twitter Account

organisation of islamic cooperation twitter Account

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