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Israeli Spy biography

Eli Cohen, an Israeli spy who infiltrated the highest ranks of the Syrian Baath party and did espionage in Egypt and Syria. Let's see how he was forged.

Personal Life


6 December 1924 Alexandria, Egypt

Eli Cohen Died

18 May 1965 ( 40)


Cairo Farouk University.

Eli Cohen Known as

Kamel Amin Thaabet

Eli Cohen Wife

Nadia Cohen

Eli Cohen Children


Eli cohen Last Letter translation

"My darling Nadia, and my dear family,

I am writing you these last words, minutes before my end, with the hope that you stay together forever.

I beg my wife to forgive me, to take care of herself and our children. Look after them, raise them up and educate them well, and don't deprive them or yourself of anything……Do what you must, don't deprive the children of a father. I give you my blessing. I beg you my dear Nadia do not spend your life weeping for what has passed. Concentrate on yourself; look forward to a better future!

I send you my last kisses to you and to the children: Sophie, Irit, and Shaoul, and to the rest of my family, especially my mother……Please pray for my soul."

- From Eli Cohen's last letter to his wife Nadia and his children, written an hour before his execution in Damascus.

After the Israel Independence War

In 1954, the British pull out of Egypt completely. Egypt has the strongest of the Arab countries and sworn enamy if Israel with the decision to evacuate Egypt, modern bases, airfield, and huge stores of equipment and war material would fall into the Egyptian army. 

Israel could be the target of an aggressive attack by a larger, better Egyptian army that wanted to avenge its shameful defect in the Israel Independence War.

Israel's minister of defense Pinhas Lavon and colonel Benyamin Gibli head of military intelligence, concocted a dangerous and foolish plan if several terrorist bombings were swept Egypt, the British will return to its former bases and concluded that Egypt's couldn't maintain law and order. 

they carry out several bombings in Cairo and Alexandria, targeting libraries and cultural centers, cinemas, post offices.

The condom was used as a timing tool for mixed chemicals and produce a minor burst of fire. the plan was doomed from staring, one of the bombs exploded in the pocket of Philip Natanson and was arrested by police and other members were caught in the following days. Eli was arrested but soon released due to a lack of evidence.

Eli had lost his friends, in 1957 he immigrates to Israel. in Israel, he found the job of translating weekly and monthly magazines for a man after a few months he was fired. One of his friends found a new job as an accountant, month later he Marty with Nadia, a nurse of Iraqi origin.

While working as an intelligence officer offer him a job with high pay, Eli didn't say no and become a secret agent. In the fifties, Israel had launched a project of huge pipeline and canals that would carry a part of the jorden river water to the arid Negev region. Israel could not survive without Jordan's water. 

It could not let Syria succeed and planning a response. thus Israel needed an agent in Damascus (Sami Micheal, Nadia Cohen's brother was recruited. But he refused)

Eli Cohen Jorden River map
Jorden river

Eli Cohen Training 

Cohen's training was long and exhausting. Every morning, Eli would leave home and head for the Aman training center. Eli's first instructor Yitzhak learned to memorize things, he throws a dozen objects on the table and Eli observe them for a second and described them. 

Eli Cohen also learned to identify the type and age of tanks, aircraft, and cannons. Eli's second instructor Yehuda taught him how to use a small, sophisticated radio transmitter.

Eli Cohen Training

After several days, Eli got a new identity as Kamal Amin Tablet, son of Syrian parents, born in Beirut. when you were three, your family left Lebanon and moved to Egypt Alexandria. 

A year later your sister dies.in 1947 all of you arrived in Argentina. your father and uncle opened a textile store, but it went bankrupt your father died in 1956 and six months later your mother died too. you lived with your uncle and worked as a travel agency, later were very successful.

Eli told Nadia that he got a job with a company that works with defense and foreign ministries, he needs to travel to Europe to buy tools and equipment, and materials for Israel's military.

Israel to Argentina

In February 1961 one man handed him an Israeli passport in his real name and a plane ticket to Zurich.on his arrival, Eli was met by a white-haired man who gave him a passport from another name, that passport carried an entry visa to chile and a transit visa to Argentina. 

Eli Cohen arrived in Buenos Aires and checked into a hotel .a local teacher would get in touch with him and teach him the Spanish language. After three months, Eli spoke passable Spanish, knew Buenos Aires well, dressed, and behaved like thousands of Arab immigrants living in Buenos Aires. 

Another tutor trained him to speak Arabic. later he handed with Syrian passport in name of kamal Amin tabet, he advised to open a bank account in that name and start visiting Arab restaurants, the cinema where Arab movies are shown, and political club. try to make as many friends as possible, and establish contact with Arab leaders. he soon became a well-known figure in the Arab circle. one evening he met one gentleman, Abdel Latif Hassan, editor in chief of Arab world magazine publish in Argentina. become close friends. 

After some months, Abdel Latif Hassan introduces Eli to General Amin El-Hafez, the military attache at the embassy. Eli seemed to have completed the final stage in establishing his network. The next day he comes to Hassan's office and admitted that he is sick and tired to live in Argentina, he wanted to go back to Syria, could he help him with a letter of recommendation? .

Abdel Latif Hassan immediately wrote four letters one to his brother-in-law, two to friends in Beirut, and fourth to his son in Damascus. Eli visited other Arab friends as Abdel Latif Hassan and his briefcase was full of enthusiastic letters of recommendation.

The man in Damascus

In 1962 Eli cohen was in Damascus with crowded mosques and colorful souks, he rented a luxurious villa in the classy Abu Ramen neighborhood, close to the Syrian embassy. Eli could watch the entrance to the Syrian government officials' guest house.

Cohen established his contact quickly, his letter of recommendation opened the gates to high society. His new friends introduced Eli to top government officials, senior army officers, and leaders of the ruling party. In a display of generosity, the tabet contributed some money to build a public kitchen for the poor of Damascus.

george seif syria in damascus

After a few months, Eli was visited by George Salem Seif, a radio show host in charge of radio Damascus broadcast for Syrian abord. he supplies Eli with inside information about the political and military situation.

Kamel Amin Tabet in Syria

Eli started transmitting his message to Israel daily at 8 a.m. After six months kamal Amin tabet become well known. he goes abroad for business and meets Nadia and Sophie in Bat Yam.

Eli had to conceal the microfilm inexpensive boxes containing backgammon pieces .the music ornament could be dug out of the polished wood and reinserted after microfilm had been placed in the cavity. tabet sends it to Argentina, where his friend dispatches them to Israel with a diplomatic pouch.

Eli Cohen in Syria |  george seif syria

In March 1963, General Hafez, Eli's friend was appointed minister of defense in salah Al-Birat's cabinet. Eli Cohen was now a member of the inner circle of power. Kamal Amin Tabet hosted a glamorous party in Damascus, several ministers, a large number of general and colonel, top leaders of the Baath party, businessmen. 

He has reached the apex of success, and it seems that there is no door he can't open. Eli kept transmitting reports of a military character, top military orders, reports on new weapons to Israel.

One day they took Eli to visit the Syrian positions along Israel's border. they let him see fortification and the bunkers, weapon concentrated in the area, and their offensive plans.l lieutenant Zaher Al-Din took Eli to the El Hama military camp, where large quantities of new weapons had been stored. 

Eli Cohen as a Mossad Agent

In 1963, new Ramdas replaced Meir Amit for a few months in charge of both a man and Mossad. he transfers all operations to Mossad, Eli was now Mossad agent. In November 1964, Tel Dan Syria open fire on Israel tractors in the demilitarized zone. soon Israel's tanks and cannon riposted with heavy fire, and minutes later mirage pounded the Syrian position and blasted the cannon of Syria that was dug.

A month later, a Syrian officer would say that one of Israel's attack architects had been Eli Cohen, who was in Israel during the battle. Eli Cohen had succeeded in friending a Saudi entrepreneur who had been contracted to plan and dig canals, the name was his friend was bin Laden, little Osama's father. Israel attacked the project serval time later they abandon the project in 1965.

Eli Cohen Death how was Eli Cohen discovered?

In 1965, the Syrian secret service was on high alert. their chief noticed that their decision taken by the government was broadcast to Israel. He was stunned by the precision of the Israeli bombing during the 1964 attack. 

Eli Cohen became certain that Israel had spied in the Syrian government. they made great efforts to locate the secret transmission to Israel with help of Soviet-made equipment, in January 1965 they got success. they suspect on a tablet but they verify the Tibet's transmission two times at 8 am precisely they broke into the tablet home, Eli was caught red-handed in the transmission.

The news spread everywhere that the Syrian leader is a spy, a president friend, a millionaire.

Syria tortures him but he was still lying, his face was covered with wounds, his nail was pulled out.

In January 1965, Syrian government officials announced that Eli is an Israeli spy. one after the other 69 people were arrested.

On 18 May 1965, Eli cohen was woken by the jailer and fastened the noose, and hang up, the huge poster was fastened on his chest where his sentence was written in Arabic.
Even today Syria refuses to return his body for burial in Israel.

Eli cohen death writing translation

eli cohen death writing translation
Eli Cohen was hanged up in Damascus

This is a rough translation

“In the name of the Syrian Arab people, The Military court has decided in its meeting which was held on Muharram 7th, 1385 - May 8th, 1965 to sentence Eliyahu Ben-Shaul Cohen, a resident of Tel Aviv in Occupied Palestine, to death for committing the following crimes:
  1. The crime of disguised entry into a military location.
  2. The crime of obtaining secret information is kept hidden to ensure the safety of the country to benefit the enemy.
  3. He is being executed according to the two articles 158 and 159 of the military penal code, and articles 271, 272, and 274 of the general penal code.
This is a definitive and final verdict. It was approved by The head of the presidency council on 17/5/1965”

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