Spotlight on the Gurkha regiments: Beyond the call of duty

Spotlight on the Gurkha regiments:beyond the call of duty

The war cry of the Gorkha Regiments is ‘Jai Maha Kali, Ayo Gorkhali’ .
Sam Manekshaw, India’s first field Marshall, who himself belonged to the eighth Gurkha Rifles regiment, once famously said: “If anyone tells you he is never afraid, he is a liar or he is a Gurkha.”

War cry of gorkha

Gorkhas are soliders native of Nepalese nationality,that was started recruiting by British army.The Gorkha word was originated from kingdom of nepal and expanded under  Prithvi narayan shah.they are associated with a forward curved nepali knife called khukuri have a reputation of fearless military power.
Around 1816,Anglo nepali war was fought between Gurkha Kingdom of nepal and British East India company .Treaty of Sugauli was signed in the end. Gorkhali soilder made an impression on British ,who called them Gurkhas.

   Gorkha empire before the 1816(Sugali treaty)

After India gained Independence, six Gurkha regiments were transferred from the British to the Indian Army as part of a tripartite agreement between Nepal, India and Britain. A seventh regiment was raised after Independence. Currently, there roughly are 32,000 Gurkhas who make up the 40 battalions serving in the seven regiments in the Indian Army. There is not a single military campaign launched by independent India, where the battalions have not left their indelible mark. In recent decades, many retired Indian Army officers would recall the sheer tenacity, courage and combat skills of Gurkha troops at the dizzy heights of the Siachen Glacier in Ladakh.

The Gorkha Regiments have been awarded 3 Param Vir Chakras, 33 Maha Vir Chakras, and 84 Vir Chakras during operations.
                    Gorkha regiment

Hitler once said “ If I had Gurkhas, no armies in the world will defeat me ”.


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  1. The map has some faults in it as Darjeeling is and was not to the west of sikkim.If you look very carefully its in the south of sikkim.i would really appreciate if more detailed study is conducted on the Indian Gorkha community who has been living in Darjeeling and Kalimpong district of West Bengal and Sikkim even before our nation came into existence

    1. I appreciate that you reply on this article ,the map is the expansion of gorkha territory in amarsingh thapa period before the Sugauli treaty was signed. Before the 1816,upto himachal was under the gorkha .

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