What is Khalistan Referendum 2020 | Col Shahid Mehmood Malhi

The campaign of the Khalistan Referendum 2020 is a brainchild of ISI of Pakistan. 

Who is Col Shahid Mehmood Malhi

The man behind this is Col Shahid Mehmood Malhi. In the ISI, he is known as Chaudhary Sahib. 

He is a part of the Lahore detachment of ISI based in Lahore for Punjab-specific activities. He was born in Wapda, Lahore, Pakistan.

Shahid Mehmood Malhi has service number PA 35043 in the Pakistani army. On 13 October 1995, he was commissioned into the Pakistani army in the 25th regiment of the Baloch Regiment in the Pakistan army.

On 10 August 2012, he joined the ISI, and the same day he was promoted to the rank of Lt Col in the army and appointed as the station officer of the Lahore detachment. The Khalistan plan is called by the ISI as Operation Express.

Khalistan Referendum and RAW

Major Danish of the ISI of Pakistan, on a covert mission, posted as an undercover diplomat in Pakistani mission to London, was involved in orchestrating the Khalistan protest in London in 2018. He is constantly tailed by the R&AW in London.

The attempt of R&AW is to retaliate against Pakistan for Khalistan. The strategy of R&AW is called engineered subversion and hybrid war. There are three areas R&AW counters Pakistan at the hybrid-war level by engineering deep subversive strategy. The R&AW reminds Pakistan that any aggressive act of Pakistan against the Indian side can lead to the vivisection of three areas-Pashtun regions, the Sindh region, and Balochistan, as prospective steps to an Akhand Bharat.

Khalistan map

khalistan map
khalistan map

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