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Top 8 R&AW Officer who Got Away from India | Strange Military Stories

There were two incidents in R&AW when two of its senior officers were won over by the CIA to get inside information of this a… Read more

R.N. Kao Founder of R&AW

R ameshwar Nath Kao  RAMESHWAR Nath Kao was born in a Kashmiri Pandit family on May 10, 1918 at Banaras, i.e. Varanasi. One of hi… Read more

Iranian Quds Forces behind the Israeli Embassy blast in delhi

Why in News A minor IED blast took place near the Israeli embassy in New Delhi on 29 January 2021. Which Israel has termed as an … Read more

Why is there a Civil War in Yemen? Houthis control of North Yemen??

The Civil war in Yemen The civil war in Yemen has been termed the world's worst humanitarian catastrophe. Now ent… Read more

What is the profile of raw officer?

Department in Research And Analysis Wing (RAW) 1. Field Officer jobs:  This department people are the ones who will spy on va… Read more

Chinese Civil War 1945-1950 | Causes Result Formation of china

Civil War and China In Hong Kong, the British tried to outmaneuver the Qing dynasty, by legalizing Christianity and also supporte… Read more

What is Salafism in Islam ??

Salafism is a world view that looks at the religious questions of Islam. When Prophet Muhammad was alive, he used to preach and h… Read more

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