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How Soviet MiG-29 Fighters Almost Formed the Elite of China's Air Force - And Why They Didn’t

In 1988 after thirty years of high tensions China and the Soviet Union made the first steps towards a normalisation of relations.… Read more

Confronting NATO With S-400s and Su-35s: Why Russia is Redeploying Top End Assets From its Far East to Belarus

The Russian Military has redeployed a number of high performance assets across its territory from its Far Eastern regions to the … Read more

F-35C in Chinese Hands? How Bad Would it be for America if the PLA Recovered its Sunk Stealth Fighter

On January 24th after a “landing mishap” on the U.S. Navy aircraft carrier USS Carl Vinson a new F-35C Lightning II stealth figh… Read more

Mali Evicts European Military Forces Despite Pressure: Will Russia’s Wagner Contractors Replace Them?

The Malian transitional government has maintained its stance insisting on an immediate withdrawal of foreign forces from its terr… Read more

Su-35s Forward Deployed Against NATO: Russia Relocating Multiple Elite Units to Belarus

Amid high tensions between Moscow and NATO over Ukraine , and growing defence ties between Russia and its strategically located … Read more

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