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Britain's Aircraft Carrier Programs Since WW2: How Budget Cuts Devastated the Fleet

The British Royal Navy today fields two sizeable 65,000 ton  Queen Elizabeth Class aircraft carriers , which entered service  in … Read more

Why Algeria Opted Against Fielding Russian Su-35 Fighters

The Algerian Air Force has long been a leading client for high-performance Russian and Soviet combat jets, with the country’s fle… Read more

Pakistan’s New HQ-9P Air Defence System Could Seriously Complicate Indian Air Force Operations

Following multiple reports from 2018 from sources in Pakistan's Ministry of Defence Production that the acquisition Chinese H… Read more

Banning Turkey From F-35s Could Pay Off For U.S.: Ankara Considering F-16 Orders to Keep Production Lines Open

Following its eviction from the F-35 fighter program the future of the Turkish Air Force has long been in question, with the coun… Read more

‘Chinese Avangard’: New Intercontinental Range Hypersonic Glide Vehicle Revolutionises Strike Capabilities

China reportedly carried out its first successful test launch of an intercontinental-range hypersonic glide vehicle in August, wi… Read more

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