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Confronting NATO With S-400s and Su-35s: Why Russia is Redeploying Top End Assets From its Far East to Belarus

The Russian Military has redeployed a number of high performance assets across its territory from its Far Eastern regions to the … Read more

F-35C in Chinese Hands? How Bad Would it be for America if the PLA Recovered its Sunk Stealth Fighter

On January 24th after a “landing mishap” on the U.S. Navy aircraft carrier USS Carl Vinson a new F-35C Lightning II stealth figh… Read more

Mali Evicts European Military Forces Despite Pressure: Will Russia’s Wagner Contractors Replace Them?

The Malian transitional government has maintained its stance insisting on an immediate withdrawal of foreign forces from its terr… Read more

Su-35s Forward Deployed Against NATO: Russia Relocating Multiple Elite Units to Belarus

Amid high tensions between Moscow and NATO over Ukraine , and growing defence ties between Russia and its strategically located … Read more

Croatian President Threatens Withdrawal of Forces From NATO Units as Alliance Unity Shows Growing Signs of Strain

Amid rising tensions between Russia and NATO over Ukraine Croatian President Zoran Milanovic has broken ranks with other NATO me… Read more

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